Greenbelt Trails Wayfinding

This project involved rethinking and reorganizing the wayfinding system for a complex network of over 150 kilometres of trails that crisscross the National Capital Greenbelt, an area of about 200 square kilometres of forests, farms and wetlands surrounding Ottawa. Instead of navigating a system of numbered loops, the trails are now marked in waypoints which users can string together to create their own itinerary. Since a waypoint’s identity is specific to a location, it also improves safety and security by allowing a more accurate means of locating people in case of emergency.


Each post holds a small map of the sub sector (an area bordered by roads) showing all the waypoints within, giving hikers have a precise idea of their location and distances to other points. Every sign has directions back to the parking lots in a sub sector to facilitate egress.

Greenbelt SignTypes Blade patternFIN



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